FIND AND FREE                         
The Victims of Human Trafficking        
An Excellent Audio Program
Stories of
Modern Slavery
Hear On Earth Show
Wisconsin Public Radio
50:53 minutes long

Audio File - January 11, 2007

Background on Modern-day
Slavery and an Interview with

Ex-slave Micheline Slattery,
a slave in Haiti and
She tells her story
(at 19:00 minutes)

Video  MTV  "Exit Exploitation"
Angelina Jolle narrates "Inhuman Traffic"

A Short Film Series:
"Parallel Lives"
Each instalment of features a recreated, “normal-life” situation on
one side, cut back-and-forth with the directly-contrasting stories
of trafficking victims. Highlighting some of the most important issues
and dispelling some of the many myths.

Film 1   Film 2   Film 4   Film 5

Supermodel Helena Christensen, Gavin Rossdale of rock bands “Bush”
and “Institute”, and Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist of Swedish punk rock band
“The Hives” have joined the EXIT campaign. Together they host the
next programme in MTV’s EXIT campaign. “Parallel Lives” is a unique
series of short films about human trafficking.

The Human Trade

Florida Cases

A Palm Beach Post
Special Report
Florida Slavery

Modern-Day Slavery
A Three Part Series
December 2003

Human Trafficking:
The Victims

All Things Considered Show
National Public Radio

Audio File - 2004

Slavery in the 21st

Talk of the Nation Show
National Public Radio

Audio File - August 2003
(approx. 30 minutes)

Several Florida Cases are Discussed

Symposium on
Human Trafficking:
A Day of Learning

The Council on
Foreign Relations
May 2006

Contains Audio and Transcripts

Audio Files
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