"Because I was so young, I was always in
demand with the customers" -  Rosa
Victim Assistance in South Florida
1-866-630-3350 Florida Coalition Against Human
1-866-443-0106  Florida Freedom Partnership
Anonymous Tip Line: 1-866-347-2423
To report suspected trafficking, traffickers,   
and those holding people.
This 13 year old girl will
be forced to have sex
(raped) by 30 men a day,
6-7 days a week.  There
are 22 men in this

She receives nothing of
value for what she does.
If she refuses, she is
beaten, brutalized, and  
likely to be killed.

She may live to see her
18th birthday, if so, she
will never have a normal
Basic Economics
If you buy the services
of women and children for
sex, you drive the demand.
and you make the trafficking
of women and children
into sex slavery lucrative
and profitable to the
You and others contribute to
the growth of sexual slavery
when you:
Florida ranks 4th in cases of  
human trafficking in the U.S.
  • use prostitutes, including so-
           called  models and escorts

  • use the services of massage

  • use pornography, especially  
           that which  features girls
           and young women, boys
           and young men

  • frequent so-called   
           gentleman's clubs and
           nudity bars

  • have sex with girls and      
           young women or boys and
           young men of questionable

  • subscribe to online porn

  • fail to report prostitution,
           and other operations that
           exploit women, and sexually
           abuse children sexually

  • look the other way when
           a partner, friend, or
           business associate uses
           pay-for-sex services
ROSA'S STORY... Trafficked to Orlando, Florida from Mexico
Victims of Human
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Help FIND and FREE the tens
of thousands of U.S.
Watch the video  
Sex Slavery in the Migrant
Farm Worker Community
watch the video

PSA Video  
Come to America, Land of Opportunity

The movie
Human Trafficking
"When I was fourteen, a man came to my parents' house in Veracruz, Mexico and asked me if I was
interested in making money in the United States. He said I could make many times as much money
doing the same things that I was doing in Mexico. At the time, I was working in a hotel cleaning
rooms and I also helped around my house by watching my brothers and sisters. He said I would be
in good hands, and would meet many other Mexican girls who had taken advantage of this great
opportunity. My parents didn't want me to go, but I persuaded them.

A week later, I was smuggled into the United States through Texas to Orlando, Florida. It was then
the men told me that my employment would consist of having sex with men for money. I had never
had sex before, and I had never imagined selling my body.

And so my nightmare began. Because I was a virgin, the men decided to initiate me by raping me
again and again, to teach me how to have sex. Over the next three months, I was taken to a different
trailer every 15 days. Every night I had to sleep in the same bed in which I had been forced to service
customers all day.

I couldn't do anything to stop it. I wasn't allowed to go outside without a guard. Many of the bosses
had guns. I was constantly afraid. One of the bosses carried me off to a hotel one night, where he
raped me. I could do nothing to stop him.

Because I was so young, I was always in demand with the customers. It was awful. Although the
men were supposed to wear condoms, some didn't, so eventually I became pregnant and was
forced to have an abortion. They sent me back to the brothel almost immediately."

Testimony before US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 2000.  Name of the girl is fictional to protect her
identity. Source: www.humantrafficking.com
 READ More testimonies
Please report suspicious activities
that can indicate human trafficking is taking place
There is no coordinated reporting system in the
State of Florida or state hotline,
therefore, we recommend you
submit your report to TWO agencies/organizations
to make sure it does not fall through any cracks.
Local Contacts:
             Law Enforcement
FBI SE Florida Office (N.Miami) 305-944-9104 Ask to speak to
a special agent in charge of slavery and human trafficking cases.
ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement 24/7 Ask to
speak to the duty agent
(305) 597-6000
Broward Crime Stoppers 24/7 1-866-493-8477, 1-866-493-TIPS
www.browardcrimestoppers.org/webtips.html  If you live outside
Broward you can still call this number and they will route it to your local
crime stoppers.
Broward Sheriff's Victim Services Unit   954-321-4200
Palm Beach County - State Attorney's Office 561-355-7100
Ask to speak with Allison Forsyth
Miami-Dade County U.S. Attorney's Office. 305-961-9001
Ask to speak with Asst. US Atty. Brent Tantillo
LOCAL Police Departments Ask to speak to the Victim Advocate
Victim Advocacy and Service Organizations
Florida Freedom Partnership - 1-866-443-0106
Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking- 1-866-630-3350
Harmony House (Palm Beach County) - 1-800-973-9922
Women In Distress (Broward County) - 1-800-500-1119
Human Trafficking and Awareness - 1-877-395-1737
Call 911 if it is an emergency, such as domestic violence, physical assault
in progress , and later follow-up with calls to report your suspicions

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